Candle Painted Glass // Sea Glass

$ 252.00

Escape to a tropical paradise with our Cabana Candles, crafted to perfection to embody relaxation and serenity! Sea Glass: This fragrance captures the essence of coastal beauty and relaxation. Dive into the refreshing scents of a coastal haven, where the scent of salty sea air intertwines with delicate sea grass notes. Close your eyes, and you'll find yourself strolling along the shoreline. Sea Glass: Sage painted glass with soy candle blend Top note: Coastal Sea Grass Middle: Beachwood Base: Ozone & Salty Sea Air - 40+ hour burn - Poured in the USA - Soy blend - Premium fragrance oils EACH ORDER IS 1 CASE= 6 Units ** How to Clean the Candle for Reuse! - Burn the Candle. - Once the candle is finished burning, place the container in the freezer to harden the remainder of - the wax and then chip it out. - Wash with soap and water. - Use glass to sip that Tropical cocktail. - 3rd- party tested for flammability - How to care: Remove seagrass when washing